Salary Report 2021 by JobsDB gives fascinating insight into salary levels in Thailand

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Salary Report 2021 by JobsDB gives fascinating insight into salary levels in Thailand

A new report has explored the different salary levels of people working across various industries in Thailand.

The Salary Report 2021 carried out by Thailand’s leading recruitment website JobsDB, ranked the highest and lowest paying jobs by position – officer, supervisor, manager and top levels in each sector.

It is perhaps of little surprise that top level legal directors, business development directors and financial directors are among some of the highest paid professionals in Thailand in 2021.

Thailand’s top full time earners are typically paid anywhere between 112,000 and 165,000 baht per month and will work in sectors such as professional services, E-commerce and banking, new data has revealed.

However, perhaps more interesting are the salaries Thailand’s ‘officer level’ workers can expect to earn each month.

The report found that jobs in the IT industry paid the best for those at officer level, where programmers and IT support staff can expect to take home between 23,225 and 41,122 baht per month.

At supervisor level, those working in E-Commerce received the highest salaries earning between 36,857 and 64,787 baht per month.

At manager level, a job in the insurance industry offered the highest paid salary of between 55,762 and 90,716 baht.

The report also found that salaries of those working in IT had increased across all levels since 2019.

“This signifies the market demand for transformation as a result of Digital Disruption, said Pornladda Dathratwibul, JobsDB Thailand Country Manager.

JobsDB also highlighted 3 essential skills that workers in Thailand should possess, these included IT knowledge, language skills and data analysis. Other important skills needed included communication, critical thinking and creativity.

Source: Thaivisa