Myanmar suffers power cuts amid turmoil, rising costs

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Myanmar suffers power cuts amid turmoil, rising costs

Myanmar is suffering frequent power outages following last year’s military coup and as energy prices rise.

The military-controlled electricity and energy ministry says transmission equipment at hydro-power plants has been destroyed by militant forces.

The ministry also says some natural gas-fueled power plants have suspended operations because fuel costs have surged.

The ministry has warned of a further drop in power supply through Friday because of construction work on a natural gas pipeline in the country.

In the central part of Myanmar’s biggest city Yangon, traffic lights are out and stores are using power generators to stay open.
Residents are complaining about the power shortage.
Some say power cuts last all night, preventing them from using fans. They say they can’t sleep because it’s too hot.

Others are saying that although they have always suffered outages in the hot season, the situation is worse this year.

Officials at the Yangon office of the Japan External Trade Organization, or JETRO, say some factories operated by Japanese companies are being hit by more than 10 hours of power cuts each day.

Official also say such factories are having to use generators, driving up costs.