Transport Committee accelerates Betong Airport opening in Southern Thailand

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Transport Committee accelerates Betong Airport opening in Southern Thailand

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The Committee responsible for Transport has discussed with government sectors and airlines, the readiness of Betong Airport for this year’s high season.

After a visit to Betong district in Yala province by the committee responsible for transport lead by General Yodyuth Boonyatikarn, the committee held discussions with local officials including the Yala member of parliament, Betong district chief, deputy governor of Yala, Betong Airport officials, and Nok Air airline representatives.

During the meeting, the local authorities informed the committee of the difficulties that have delayed the opening of Betong Airport besides COVID-19. The airport was due to open in June last year. In response, the committee promised that the government would support all efforts to open the airport before this year’s high season which is also the fruit season in the area.

According to the airline and tourism operators, high season or fruit season is the time that most visitors used to visit Betong district before COVID-19, and the operators are ready to launch promotions to encourage visitors to return to the region, as soon as the airport opens.

In addition, General Yodyuth disclosed that it is the committee’s mission to open the airport as soon as possible because it is directly related to the well-being of local people and citizens in nearby provinces. Discussion will resume on April 28 in the hope of finding the earliest date for the airport’s opening for the benefit of the local economy.

Source: Thaivisa & NNT