Solar Frontier CIS PV system powering Isuzu car dealership in Thailand

Construction News

Solar Frontier is bringing more of its CIS solar module technology to Southeast Asia.

A 50 kilowatt rooftop installation for an Isuzu car dealership in Ratchaburi, Thailand, demonstrates the advantages of Solar Frontier’s CIS solar modules in the region’s climate.

Isuzu is a popular car brand in Thailand, especially within the commercial auto segment. Installed in July of this year by Energy Pro Corporation, a Thai solar power EPC specialist, the 50 kilowatt rooftop system is now closing on its fifth month in operation. It is expected to generate 75 megawatt-hours of electricity per year.

“Solar Frontier’s CIS modules are achieving excellent power output even during the rainy season in Thailand, demonstrating that CIS is strongly suited to the climate here,” said Masahiko Nakagawa, Director and Managing Director of Energy Pro Corporation. “We are confident that CIS can make an economic impact for companies looking to utilize their rooftops to offset rising energy costs and to profit in the long term.”

“We are proud to work with Energy Pro Corporation, which has proven its expertise in the field of solar energy and understanding of the Thai consumer market,” said Akira Ueno, Manager of Solar Frontier’s Global Business Organization. “As part of Solar Frontier’s strategy, we are bringing more of our CIS technology to Southeast Asia with specialists such as Energy Pro Corporation.”

Solar Frontier’s CIS modules generate more electricity (kilowatt-hours per kilowatt-peak) compared to crystalline silicon modules in real-world environments. This is because of a number of technological advantages. In the hot climate of Thailand, for example, the low temperature coefficient of CIS ensures a smaller loss in power output compared to crystalline silicon technologies. Solar Frontier’s CIS modules are also all manufactured in Japan using fully automated facilities designed to provide customers the highest level of product standardization and reliability.

Solar Frontier will be speaking at the upcoming Solar & Off-Grid Renewables Southeast Asia conference to be held on 25-26 November, 2015, in Bangkok Thailand. Representatives will be present to connect with interested investors and project developers from Thailand and throughout the region, and can be reached through Solar Frontier’s contact page.