Samut Prakan’s Megabangna Shopping Centre In Thailand Embraces Rooftop Solar Revolution With A Billion Baht Investment In Clean Energy

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Representational image. Credit: Canva

Samut Prakan’s Megabangna Shopping Centre In Thailand Embraces Rooftop Solar Revolution With A Billion Baht Investment In Clean Energy

In a remarkable feat of environmental stewardship, Megabangna Shopping Centre, sprawling over 400 rai, has invested a substantial 1 billion baht in embracing clean solar energy. This colossal shopping center is making significant strides to not only reduce its carbon footprint but also create a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment for its patrons.

Partnering with the WHA Solar team from WHA Utilities and Power PLC, Megabangna is now powered by an innovative Solar Rooftop Power Service. This initiative spans 13 buildings, covering an expansive 62,000 square meters, with an impressive installed capacity of approximately 9.9 megawatts.

The clean solar energy generated directly fuels Megabangna’s electrical system, illuminating lighting systems, enhancing cooling mechanisms, fortifying security systems, and energizing diverse facilities such as restaurants, cinemas, and tutoring centers. This initiative ensures that all users within Megabangna can access the abundant reserves of clean, sustainable energy.

WHA Solar kickstarted the project with comprehensive site surveys, area assessments, and preliminary designs. A detailed clean power proposal was presented to Megabangna, culminating in the signing of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and the official commencement of the solar energy venture.

After securing permissions from relevant government agencies, WHA Solar began the direct supply of electricity to Megabangna’s power grid. The Real-time Solar Monitoring Platform, developed by WHA Group, accompanies the system, providing real-time data and insights into solar energy production.

Efficiency is paramount in the solar energy project, with WHA Solar maintaining its operations team for after-sales services. This includes routine maintenance, system inspections, and panel cleaning, ensuring the seamless operation of the system through the Real-time Solar Monitoring Platform.

Megabangna’s commitment to clean solar energy yields substantial rewards, with the Solar Rooftop system estimated to reduce electricity costs by over 1,040 million baht over 25 years. This is equivalent to mitigating the emission of approximately 210,592 million tons of carbon dioxide, offsetting the impact of carbon emissions and symbolizing the planting of 600,000 trees.

Patrons of Megabangna Shopping Centre actively participate in the collective effort to combat global warming. This shared commitment not only benefits the environment but also enhances the shopping center’s reputation as a responsible corporate entity.

WHA Solar takes pride in its role as a clean energy provider, contributing to a sustainable and resilient community. Committed to environmentally friendly businesses, WHA Solar is leading the way towards achieving Net Zero emissions.

Megabangna Shopping Centre’s embrace of clean solar energy sets an inspiring example for businesses transitioning to clean energy, heralding a brighter and cleaner future for all.