Power firm B Grimm aims for expansion at home Thailand and abroad

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Preeyanart Soontornwata, BGRIM President

Power firm B Grimm aims for expansion at home Thailand and abroad

B Grimm CEO Preeyanart Soontornwata said the plan included collaborating with Small Power Producers (SPP) using natural gas and a natural gas power plant in Malaysia, which is in a high potential industrial estate.

The company is studying investments in South Korea and Vietnam to start LNG (liquefied natural gas) and wind power businesses.

B Grimm is also interested in community power plants for grass-roots business and is planning proper investment in on-grid and off-grid power plants. The company will try to support the government’s measures even though the project is not likely to be very profitable, Preeyanart said.

Regarding the Hydro-Floating Solar Hybrid project, which is a collaboration between B Grimm and Energy China Consortium, the company confirmed that they have the potential to run the project and it will not cause high risk.

Preeyanart added that a deal between B Grimm and PTT is being discussed and the results will be revealed this May.

She expected that the cost of natural gas will be lower as the company has the potential to provide shipping service for LPG to deliver it to new power plants.

Several traders have offered LNG deals to B Grimm at US$7-8 per tonne with 10-year contracts, which are better than PTT’s offer of $9 per tonne.

Every one per cent lower price of LNG decreases significantly the cost of electricity production because LNG cost accounts for 70 per cent of total cost of electricity generation, she said.

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