Thailand’s Minor International group to open Avani Kota Kinabalu hotel by 2022

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Thailand’s Minor International group to open Avani Kota Kinabalu hotel by 2022

Minor International PLC’s Avani Hotels & Resorts Group headquartered in Bangkok seeks to open its Avani Kota Kinabalu in Luyang, latest by end of 2022.

This will add some 378 rooms to make up beyond 4,000 new hotel rooms expected by then, in greater Kota Kinabalu.

It is located on the site of the demolished Taman Makmur Housing Estate that suffered from land subsidence in the past, left to be occupied by immigrant workers and families, demolished after numerous complaints.

Initially, it was planned for rebuilding affordable strata housing for the public to meet the demand for low-cost and affordable housing.

The land reverted to LPPB as land owner or the Sabah Government’s Housing and Urban Development Board, used to be tasked with building low-cost housing but now is into high-end property development.

Failure of LPPB and subsidiaries like its Superpanel IBS in the past to build enough low-cost housing and affordable housing for Sabahans saw the entry of SPNB and PR1MA agencies from the Federal Government. In 2019, the population of Sabah reached 3.9 million people.

As far Avani, only the 12th to 37th floor is the hotel proper with others being a shopping mall, offices and two other luxury condominium towers.

According to the group, Avani Kota Kinabalu is set to “bring fresh, modern flair to the regional hub of Malaysian Borneo”.

“The newly-built hotel will be a highlight of the rapidly expanding downtown, in a city known for blending cosmopolitan chic and old world charm with 20-minute drive from Kota Kinabalu International Airport, a wide range of dining and entertainment options, a popular destination for some of the world’s best island-hopping” based in Luyang.

It is also “a developing major area packed with residential and commercial addresses, offering guests unlimited choice for restaurants, street food and fun.”

Avani Hotels & Resorts is a hotel and resort chain with 23 properties across 15 countries. Majority of their properties are based in Thailand whereas a smaller number of properties are established in a few other countries from Laos, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.