Pattaya urban rail project gathers momentum with public consultation

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Buntian Jansuk, Director of the Engineering Office, leads the public consultation for Pattaya’s urban rail project, emphasizing collaborative planning for Pattaya’s transportation future.

Pattaya urban rail project gathers momentum with public consultation

In a significant development for Pattaya’s transportation infrastructure, Buntian Jansuk, Director of the Engineering Office, led the second public consultation for the Red and Purple Line urban railway project. The event held at the Grand Palazzo Hotel on February 15, drew the participation of Pattaya City Council members, community leaders, residents, and representatives from local private sector organizations.

The initiative responded to evolving land use trends in Pattaya and its environs due to large-scale development projects. Despite these changes, a considerable segment of the population relied on personal vehicles, exacerbating traffic congestion and air pollution due to the limited and non-standardized public transportation system. To address these challenges, Pattaya City had launched a comprehensive study in 2019, followed by the engagement of consulting firms in 2023 to evaluate the feasibility, design, and environmental impact of expanding the rail system in Phase 2.

The primary focus was on studying the suitability and design framework details for the Purple Line (Nongprue – Thappraya Intersection) rail project or alternative public transportation systems. Additionally, attention was given to studying feeder routes that integrated with the main public transportation system, aligning with Pattaya City’s urban transportation development plan.

The consultation also presented the Red Line project (Dolphin Roundabout– Thappraya Intersection – Sports Stadium) on the same day, aiming to share route selection results, initial conceptual designs, and preliminary components, while seeking community feedback and suggestions. This collaborative approach ensured that the project design and implementation met the community’s needs and contributed to enhancing Pattaya’s transportation system overall.