MRTA to go ahead with pink line electric train construction

Construction News

The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) is looking to go ahead with the pink line electric train construction, linking Khae Rai and Min Buri. 

According to MRTA Governor Yongsit Rojsrikul, the company will hold a bidding for the construction of the pink line at the beginning of next year. He hoped the new route will be in operation in 2017, charging a 20-baht flat rate.
Besides, the MRTA will propose to the cabinet a budget of 54 billion baht, up from the original 35 billion, for the construction of the new route, saying the company will add six more stations, up from the 24 originally planned, along the route; it will also propose that the route be extended from Min Buri to Suwintawong Road.

The MRTA will first propose the details to the Transport Ministry for consideration. Under the plan, the pink line will have connecting stations with four other lines.
Mr Yongsit added the pink line train will be of a monorail system. The government will invest on the basic structures and trains and then hire a private company to run its operation. He expected the new line to transport more than 33,000 people per hour.


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