Massive Thai investment for Myanmar’s Dawei Project

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The cabinet yesterday approved 203 projects worth over 30 billion baht to support the development of a deep-sea port and an industrial estate in Dawei city of Myanmar.

The government also approved short-term measures to curb the cost of living.

Acting government spokesman Anusorn Iamsa-ard said the mobile cabinet meeting approved projects worth 33.11 billion baht to be implemented in eight provinces in the lower Central Plains to support development projects in Dawei. Of these, 60 projects worth about 1 billion baht are ready for immediate implementation.

They include building new roads, constructing an overflow dam on Huai Yang stream in Ratchaburi province and developing an information system for food security and health services in Suphan Buri province.

The cabinet agrees with the proposal of the National Economic and Social Development Board to support Myanmar in developing its deep-sea port and industrial estate in Dawei.

“[Dawei] can be a gateway for trade with the western side of the Asean region and a bridge to link Southeast Asia with other countries in the region. It will increase the GDP of Thailand by 1.9%,” Mr Anusorn said.

The national logistic development committee, headed by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong, will implement the supporting projects in three stages.

In the first stage, running until 2015, projects will focus on developing the southern zone of the Dawei port.

These will include constructing a four-lane road linking Dawei and the Thai-Myanmar border, a 93 million cubic metre reservoir, a coal-fired power plant, roads at the industrial estate, new residences, new government offices and water, drainage and wastewater treatment systems.

The second stage, lasting from 2013 to 2018, will include the expansion of the area’s drainage system, the widening of the road to Dawei to an eight-lane highway and the construction of a shopping centre in the area.

In the final stage from 2016 to 2020, projects will aim to develop the northern part of the Dawei port. During this phase, railway tracks, electricity lines and gas and oil pipelines will be extended into the area from Thailand.

Meanwhile, deputy government spokesman Pakdeehan Himathongkham said the cabinet has extended reductions in excise tax on diesel for another month.

The measure will cost the government about 9 billion baht but should help curb the cost of living for the general public, Mr Pakdeehan said.

He said the government would continue to consider extending the tax reduction on a monthly basis.

Transport Minister Jarupong Ruangsuwan said the Mass Rapid Transit Authority will direct its Bangkok subway concessionaire Bangkok Metro Co Ltd to postpone its planned fare rise for three months from July 3 to Oct 2.

The current fare range of 15-40 baht is now scheduled to be increased to 16-40 baht on Oct 3 this year.


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