Krabi Airport Opens New Terminal – Capacity Upstages Phuket

Construction News

Krabi’s Airport has opened a new terminal effective April 1st.

The existing facility is dedicated to international passengers and all those on Thai Airways, while the new terminal will house domestic travelers including Thai AirAsia and Bangkok Airways.

Airport capacity has been effectively increased from 4.38 million up to 8.76 million.

Stated capacity for Krabi at the moment is actually higher than that at Phuket International Airport which is 6.5 million.

While Phuket falls under the AoT (Airports of Thailand), Krabi is administered by the DCA (Department of Civil Aviation).

One key advantage of Krabi say over Koh Samui is the length of its runaway which is three kilometers and able to land widebody aircraft.

Charter flights from China and Russia favor these type of planes and the restriction in Koh Samui continues to be a marked limiter to demand.


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