Khon Kaen’s new airport terminal to open in April 2021

Construction News
Workers at the construction site of a new terminal at Khon Kaen airport. (Photo by Chakkrapan Natanri)

Khon Kaen’s new airport terminal to open in April 2021

A new terminal adding more capacity and functionality to Khon Kaen airport will open in April.

Acting Sub Lt Atthaya Lapmak, director of Khon Kaen airport, said on Thursday the terminal is 65% complete while its car parking building is 90% done. He said the buildings were supposed to be completed earlier but the Covid-19 pandemic prolonged work by 300 days. Soon after the new terminal is opened, the current terminal will be closed for renovation work.

Acting Sub Lt Atthaya on Thursday visited the construction site to inspect terminal facilities, skywalks, the parking building, baggage security and passenger checkpoints and the departure and arrival terminals.

He did so to make sure they comply with Department of Airports regulations.

“The airport renovation project will elevate standards in welcoming international transit flights and boosting capacity to take more passengers from other regions,” he said.