Hyundai Engineering wins a $164 million order to build the third AEON Mall in Cambodia

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Hyundai Engineering wins a $164 million order to build the third AEON Mall in Cambodia

Hyundai Engineering has won a 200 billion won (about $164 million) project to build its third AEON Mall in Cambodia.

Hyundai Engineering won the project from “AEON Mall,” one of Japan’s largest distribution groups, which operates more than 200 shopping centers around the world, a Hyundai official said on April 19.

This project is to build a five-story shopping center and parking facility outside Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. In particular, the site is 170,000 square meters, the largest of the three AEON Malls in Cambodia. The construction period is about 27 months after starting the construction.

Hyundai Engineering has carried out works for KOICA HRD Center, Cambodia local road maintenance and improvement project, and ALEDA Bank extension project since it first entered Cambodia in 2009 as a new Phnom Penh Tower construction project.

Based on the trust of the ordering company secured with excellent construction quality, Hyundai Engineering was invited to bid and was finally selected as the contractor for the “third AEON Mall construction project.”

AEON Mall plans to continue to expand its large shopping mall business in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia in the future, while Hyundai Engineering plans to make every effort to secure additional work through its high level of construction capacity.

“Through this order, Hyundai Engineering will be able to stand out not only in the plant market such as chemical engineering and power generation in Southeast Asia, but also in the building market,” a Hyundai official said.