Huayxai airport expansion in Bokeo province Laos is over 50 percent complete

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Huayxai airport expansion in Bokeo province Laos is over 50 percent complete

The work on the Huayxai airport expansion project in Bokeo province, opposite Chiang Khong in Chiangtai Province of Thailand, is now over half complete, with the project scheduled to be completed this year.

Director of Public Works and Transport Department of Bokeo province, Mr Chom Xaysongkham, told Vientiane Times the contractor is erecting a fencing around the airport and is focussing on the road excavation, embankment and drainage system.

The runway at Huayxai Airport in Bokeo province is being extended to serve the needs of regional transport and to absorb the growing tourist inflow.

The project began on September 24, 2018 and is expected to be completed by November 2020. It consists of the expansion of the runway and better layout for aircraft parking, passenger terminal and the parking lot.

The project costs of over 149 billion kip and is fully funded by the government.

The runway is being expanded from 19 to 36 metres in width and 1,450 to 1,660 metres in length.

When the runway is finished, ATR aircraft will be able to land here and the number of tourists travelling to the province is likely to increase, according to the project manager. In the past, only small planes with 50 seats could land at the airport.

When it reopens, the airport will be able to accommodate more flights – from one to two a day and this will increase the flow of tourists and business people.

Huayxai Airport is a little more specialised than other airports in the county because the runway is designed to allow aircraft to land and take off from two directions.

The airport is being expanded to meet the increasing needs of air travellers in the region. Huayxai district is the capital of Bokeo province and is located next to the Mekong River which shares its border with Thailand.

Most visitors treat Huayxai as a stopover en route to other destinations. This is unfortunate as the small town has a lot to offer in terms of local life and it’s definitely worth spending a few days by its picturesque riverbank and exploring its landscapes.

Due to the province’s strategic location, the government has set its eyes on the development of infrastructure, particularly roads and air connectivity to attract more foreign investment. Laos’ main airports are Wattay Airport International in Vientiane and airports in Bokeo, Luang Prabang, Oudomxay, Savannakhet and Champassak provinces.