Highway Connecting Kolkata To Bangkok Likely To Open In 4 Years

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Highway Connecting Kolkata To Bangkok Likely To Open In 4 Years

The longest part of the highway will go through India from Moreh, Kohima, Guwahati, Srirampur, Siliguri to Kolkata.

The Kolkata-Bangkok Highway, a major infrastructure project aimed at enhancing connectivity between India and Thailand, is likely to open to the public within the next four years. The ambitious project, which will span multiple countries, holds the potential to revolutionize transportation and trade in the region. With significant progress already made, the highway is expected to facilitate seamless travel and economic growth across nations.

The construction of the Kolkata-Bangkok Highway marks a significant milestone in the efforts to enhance connectivity and strengthen trade relations between India and Thailand. This ambitious project aims to create an efficient road network spanning several countries, connecting Kolkata in India to Bangkok in Thailand. Once completed, it will open up vast opportunities for seamless transportation, boosting trade and tourism in the region.

Opening Scheduled in Four Years

According to recent reports, the Kolkata-Bangkok Highway is on track to open to the public within the next four years. The project has witnessed substantial progress, with various sections of the highway already under construction. The involved authorities are working diligently to ensure timely completion, with the aim of reaping the benefits of enhanced connectivity in the near future.

Enhanced Trade and Economic Growth

The completion of the Kolkata-Bangkok Highway is expected to have a profound impact on trade and economic growth in the region. By establishing a direct and efficient road link between India and Thailand, it will significantly reduce transportation time and costs for goods and commodities. This enhanced connectivity will foster bilateral trade, encourage cross-border investments, and stimulate economic development in the areas traversed by the highway.

Boosting Tourism and Cultural Exchanges

The Kolkata-Bangkok Highway is not only an economic game-changer but also holds immense potential for promoting tourism and cultural exchanges between the countries it connects. As travel becomes more accessible and convenient, it is anticipated that tourism between India and Thailand will witness a surge. This highway will facilitate the exploration of diverse landscapes, historical sites, and cultural treasures, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation between the two nations.

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