Electricity production set to increase this summer

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In order to satisfy Yangon’s energy needs, electricity production will be increased up to its maximum capacity of 400 megawatts this summer, according to Ministry of Electric Power (MEP).

“Power lines and transformers are in position to boost electricity production. It takes 300-400 MW to light Yangon fully,” said an official from the ministry.

Electricity shortages are common throughout Myanmar during the dry season.

“Preparations are underway in both production and distribution,” the official said.

More than 300 MW will be produced from eight gas turbines when the Upper Ponglong project starts this summer.

The country’s current production capacity is 4,580 MW, and new hydropower projects will add about 438 additional megawatts.

“The Upper Ponglong hydropower project will produce 140 MW, and 240 MW will come from the plant in Ywama, which is run by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. Each gas turbine will increase production by about 50 MW. There will be at least 400 MW in total,” said the MEP official.

“The ministry has sought to increase electricity productivity by tapping resources such as oil, natural gas and hydropower with the aim for domestic consumption,” said energy minister Zayyar Aung.

Myanmar’s energy shortage affects many sectors. Many entrepreneurs have complained that for half a year or less, their industries have power for less than 24 hours per day.

“The power is out completely for 60 days in the summer. Operating with generators is not cost-effective,” said an entrepreneur.

Myanmar’s electricity sector is the most expensive in Southeast Asia, even though 75 per cent of the population lacks access to electricity.

Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/aec/Electricity-production-set-to-increase-this-summer-30254469.html