Conergy plans trio of Thai solar farms

Construction News


Solar energy developer Conergy has partnered with Symbior Solar group company ATC Enviro to plan three new solar farms for Thailand.

The three parks will have a combined capacity of 19MWp and will contribute towards Hong Kong-based Symbior Solar’s growing portfolio in Thailand, which currently comprises six solar farms with a combined capacity of 30MW.

Conergy is to conduct the planning, engineering, design and component supply while Ensys Group will be trusted with on-ground construction. Conergy will supply more than 60,000 PE310P modules and Sigma II mounting systems for the projects.

Two of the solar farms, each with an installed capacity of 8MWp, have been planned for Thailand’s Si Maha Phot district, which is to the west of capital Bangkok. The third has been planned for Si Maho Sod district.

Alexander Lenz, president of Conergy Asia and Middle East, said Thailand was an “ideal location” for solar PV deployment. “Thailand is committed to achieve ambitious renewable energy goals and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Solar energy is integral to the success of the programme,” he added.

Symbior Solar plans to develop 100MW of solar across Asia throughout 2015 and 2016. Florian Bennhold, CEO at Symbior, said the outlook across Southeast Asia remained “very positive” and labelled Thailand as one of the company’s fastest-growing markets.

Thailand has continued to attract attention from solar developers and module manufacturers alike with a number of Chinese firms looking to set up shop in the country as a workaround for anti-dumping measures undertaken by the US.

Developers too have rushed to confirm commitment in the country, including domestic engineering firm Gunkul Engineering which in June penned a deal with tier one manufacturer Suntech for the supply of 63MW of panels to be used across eight projects in the country.