Bangkok’s taxis 7th cheapest in the world


Bangkok’s taxis 7th cheapest in the world

It doesn’t come as any surprise that Bangkok has placed in the top ten cheapest cities in the world to take a taxi, according to the 2017 Taxi Price Index, conducted by Carspring, a British online used car dealership.

Out of the 80 most visited in the world, Bangkok ranks 7th place on the taxi price index. Based on a three-kilometer journey, the cab fare in Bangkok is only THB55, or just over USD1.64.

Cairo came up on top, with the cheapest cab ride of just THB18.5, followed by Mumbai (THB47), and Jakarta (THB49).

The index takes the cost of hailing a taxi , the cost per distance, the cost of waiting time, and airport fees into consideration.

The ranking did not consider the number of times passengers were rejected before finally finding a cab, otherwise, we’d be at the bottom of the list.

At the opposite end of the list was Zurich, with people paying as much as THB1,160 for the same distance. Geneva was placed most expensive, followed by Tokyo, Copenhagen, and Helsinki.

Even though taxis in Bangkok are cheap, reports of bad cabbies constantly rejecting, overcharging, and sexually assaulting passengers have driven many residents to opt for Uber and GrabCar instead, despite the services remaining unregulated in the kingdom.


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