Thai Tax Forms Available in English


March is the month that taxpayers in Thailand must file their P.N.D.91 Thai personal income tax forms with the Thai Revenue Department. In many cases, your P.N.D.91 may be submitted electronically by your staff or accounting department, but some expats may have to file it themselves. Either way, it’s still a good idea to double check the filing and to keep a copy for your records. To help with this, the Thai Revenue Department provides an English version of the form in fillable PDF format as a courtesy. For those who also have to file corporate returns, English translations for a number of other tax forms are also provided.

The English versions of Thai tax forms can be found on the Thai Revenue Department’s website here:

PND 90 and PND 91

English Translations of Other Thai Tax Forms— Value Added Tax Return (PP30), Income Tax Return for Companies or Juristic Partnerships (PND 51), Income Tax Return for Companies or Juristic Partnerships (PND 50), Withholding Income Tax Returns (PND 1, PND 2, PND3, PND 53), Withholding Tax and Profit Remittance Return (PND 54), etc.


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