Autonomous wireless controlled Enerpac SHAS SyncHoist system enhances heavy lift and shift precision and safety

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SHASfourA wireless-controlled hydraulic load hoisting and positioning system being introduced by Enerpac South-East Asia enables a single crane to precisely positon heavy and unbalanced loads weighing hundreds of tons.


The SHAS Series Synchronous Hoist System – the latest in a growing range of SyncHoist systems developed by Enerpac for diverse industries – is a below-the-hook crane attachment operated by a single wireless controller to provide accurate, safe and cost-effective positioning of such loads without the need for multiple cranes.


SHAS comprises four, double acting, push-pull cylinders connected to lifting points above the load by cables or under an optional auxiliary frame enabling accurate hoisting where space is limited. The lifting cylinders are available with 110 and 225 ton lifting capacities each, plunger strokes of 1 and 1.5 meters and capable of high precision lifting accuracy of +/- 1 mm over the full stroke.


Each double-acting cylinder features integrated pump and controls, a system that eliminates the need for an external power pack and removes the complexity of hydraulic hoses and connectors.


“Wireless remote control means a single operator can control the SyncHoist while moving around the lifted load at a safe distance, observing the lift in progress and making real-time adjustments,” says Enerpac Integrated Solutions Manager for South-East Asia, Mr Maxim Lee.


Enerpac SHAS Series allows a single operator to control the SyncHoist


The operator has full control over load handling; each cylinder can lift or lower independently. The system can perform several types of movements, including synchronous lifting and lowering, balancing and tilting, all of which can be pre-programmed.


“SHAS technology is applicable to all industries where tower, crawler, mobile and overhead cranes are used to lift odd-shaped loads with off-centres of gravity,” he says. Applications range from


  • Positioning of roof sections, road and rail bridge sections, concrete elements, and steel structures
  • Precise positioning is required for turbines, transformers and fuel rods and electrical plant including wind turbine nacelles, rotor heads and blades
  • Precise machinery loading, mill rod changes, bearing changes
  • Precise positioning of pipelines and blow out valves
  • Positioning and aligning of ship segments prior to assembly


“SHAS systems are especially useful for fine positioning of loads because of their outstanding control, safety and time-saving cost-efficiency,” says Mr Lee. “For example, elevated motorway bridge sections and MRT track systems can be lifted into positon quickly with just one mobile crane while working in confined construction areas in even the busiest SE Asian cities, such as Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and the many SE Asian regional capitals and major centres. Such time savings translate into major savings in cost and disruptions avoided because construction schedules can be shortened.”


“Another advantage of the SHAS system is that it’s fully compliant with global standards, so it can be used on projects all over SE Asia and globally, meeting the strictest safety codes and standards.”


Precision Control


A single operator controls and oversees the entire hoisting job, using a portable wireless control unit for remote control of all cylinders.


In addition to synchronous lifting and lowering, the operator is able to lift and lower each cylinder independently for balancing, tilting and positioning loads. For repetitive hoisting tasks, the controller can also be pre-programmed for positioning, tilting and aligning of loads. The wireless controller allows the operator to work at a safe distance. No hose connections to the cylinders are needed, so there is a reduced risk of entanglement or tripping hazards.


SyncHoist enhances a crane’s capability in terms of both its ability to accurately handle heavy and unbalanced loads, and utility on-site. Because there is no need for an external power pack or for hydraulic hoses for the lifting cylinders, it does not require mid-hoist replacement of the power-pack or generator. Moreover, where space on building sites is typically an issue, the SyncHoist system has a small footprint as only one crane is required.


Quick Deployment


Each of the four lifting cylinders, with lifting points, comes in a convenient storage and transportation frame; and is simple and easy to set-up with just one electric connection per lifting point.



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