Zhen Ding Tech and SPI Launch Major PCB Plant in Thailand

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Zhen Ding Tech and SPI Launch Major PCB Plant in Thailand

Zhen Ding Tech Group collaborates with Saha Pathana Inter-Holding (SPI) to establish a leading printed circuit board manufacturing facility in Thailand, marking a significant step in ASEAN’s industrial advancement.

Mr. Vichai Kulsomphob, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Public Company Limited or SPI, disclosed information about the construction of a production facility for printed circuit boards (PCBs). This venture is a collaboration between Saha Group through SPI and Zhen Ding Tech Group, a leading global business engaged in design, research, development, production, and sales of PCBs. The construction of the facility commenced immediately after the groundbreaking ceremony held in mid-December 2023. The manufacturing facility is situated within the area under Saha Group Industrial Park in Kabin Buri, Prachinburi Province, encompassing an expansive land area of over 300 Rai (approximately 120 acres). It is anticipated that the factory will commence operations from the year 2025 onwards. The collaboration is projected to have an investment value of approximately 10,000 million Baht in the first phase and over 50,000 million Baht by the year 2030.

PCB is a crucial component in the production of various electronic products. It is a targeted industry for government promotion and has received support from the Board of Investment (BOI). The collaboration is anticipated to enhance Thailand’s standing in the global PCB market, positioning Thailand as a key PCB production base in the ASEAN region. This will create high-quality job opportunities, expedite the transfer of advanced technologies used in the production process to Thailand, and attract major players within the supply chain to consider future investment in the country. Furthermore, this is another advancement milestone for Saha Group and its affiliated companies during the transition into a new phase of the economy which is highly centred around technology. This initiative aims to cultivate engineering expertise, generating over a thousand employment opportunities, and elevating the competitiveness of the industry within the country.

Source: https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/pr/2711103/zhen-ding-tech-and-spi-launch-major-pcb-plant-in-thailand