Which S.E. Asian country has the most National Holidays?

Songran festival celebrated across some Asian countries

Which S.E. Asian country has the most National Holidays?

Many of us expats know roughly when the national holidays are se back home.

However, when I first came to live in SE Asia, I remember being unprepared for empty streets in Bangkok when everyone went home or on holiday to the resorts.

By then it was just too late to even book a decent hotel!

Now I am prepared and exit Thailand to avoid getting soaked during Songkran, which can last up to four days.

It is interesting to note that whereas Vietnam lists only eight official national holidays, the Philippines have fourteen holidays, while Thailand a mouthwatering 23 days off work.

Cambodia has the most public holidays in the world, celebrating twenty-nine back in 2019. That is followed by Sri Lanka which has twenty-six public holidays in 2019.

Compare this to the UK which has one of the lowest number listings just eight national holidays.

The USA with nine, while Russia with fourteen if you include their six days off for the Russian New Year.

Therefore, Cambodia and Thailand must be the places to hang out.

Source: https://aseannow.com