WEnergy Global wins bid to light up bicycle track around Bangkok International Airport

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WEnergy Global wins bid for its innovative design and engineering of a clean lighting system for the bicycle track around the Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport in Thailand.

Over 700 light poles will be installed on a cycling track of 23.5km and another 180 light systems will be installed along a smaller cycling track and the car parks. The leadership and sponsorship of this project is with the Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), the first and one of the largest commercial banks of Thailand, and the Airports of Thailand PLC (AOT).

Both companies are promoting sustainability for development. Over 15,000 cyclists will use the track on a typical weekend-day and night!

WEnergy Global (www.wenergyglobal.com) brought the best technologies together and optimized the power management system to ensure that the LED light system can operate just using sunlight and with an autonomy of 4 to 5 days even during rainy periods thanks to an Aqueous Hybrid Ion battery.

The solar street lights are an ideal alternative to connecting the light poles to the grid which would be a high-cost and a high carbon emission solution. Given the long lifetime of the batteries (approximately 10 years) and the LED lamps (approximately 5-7 years), the return on investments for these street lights is much higher than for light systems that use lead acid batteries since the latter would require a replacement every 1-2 years, which also represents a threat to the environment if not properly recycled.

The 60 Watt LED street-lighting luminae is a unique product of Ellipz Lighting (https://www.ellipzlighting.com) a company based in Singapore. Unlike other LED manufacturers, Ellipz Lighting’s combination of LED technology and the Ellipz Mesopic concept results in energy savings of up to 90% over incandescent lighting.

At low light levels the human eye is more sensitive to certain colors. By using those specific colors in the luminaires, they provide better contrast and color recognition, which results in perfect visibility. The lamp is 40% – 50% lighter than other brands, which makes installation and shipping easier and cheaper and the environmental impact much lower than those of other manufacturers.

The power system is composed of a solar photovoltaic panel (in total 211.5kWp) that charges the clean batteries (in total 1,410 KWh capacity) made by Aquion Energy Inc (http://www.aquionenergy.com), developer and manufacturer of Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHITM) batteries and energy storage systems.

The company manufactures batteries that are the first in the world to be Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Bronze, an esteemed quality mark recognized across industries to provide a continuous improvement pathway towards the development of quality products. Aquion Energy’s aim is to create a new battery technology that is environmentally sustainable, safe, and cost- effective while meeting the strict performance requirements of off-grid and grid-tied stationary energy storage applications

The Italian Thai Development PCL, one of the largest construction companies of Thailand, will install all the light poles and lay the foundations. The company is currently building the main bicycle track and will also build the car parks and the small cycling track.


Source: http://www.eco-business.com/press-releases/wenergy-global-wins-bid-to-light-up-bicycle-track-around-bangkok-international-airport/