Train assembly plant backed for Thailand's mass-transit rail project

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Transport Minister ACM Sukumpol Suwanatat backs calls for an electric train assembly facility to supply trains for the country’s mass-transit rail projects.

Prapas Chongsanguan, former governor of the Mass Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA), floated the plan.

ACM Sukumpol said if a local assembly facility is to be set up it must have large orders to justify such an investment.

This suggests that trains for the country’s mass transit projects must be supplied by this facility.

Mr Prapas yesterday called on the government to give the proposal serious thought now it is moving forward with plans to develop 10 mass transit routes.

“If the government is clear that it will develop the train projects, buying carriages won’t benefit the country in terms of technology transfer and business opportunities,” he said.

Mr Prapas, an assistant to the transport minister, said the government would have to act fast if it wants to build its own trains, because the train project developments are under way.

Mr Prapas said that some 1,200 carriages would be required to serve the routes which are being built, and the number is large enough to attract investors.

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