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Thermaguard PhotoAre you managing one of these?

  • A building that has an ageing metal roof
  • A building / work place that is too hot and has OH&S complaints.
  • A building whose occupants strive to save on electricity
  • A building where raised heat levels cause distress to Poultry, Livestock , Agricultural products & therefore reduces productivity
  • A building with HVAC that is over loaded

Then Thermoguard HRC will be of interest to you!

ThermaGuard HRC is the solution for taming extreme heat conditions with improved ambient temperatures in commercial buildings, industrial equipment, homes, trucks, silos, tilt slabs and much more.

What can the ThermaGuard HRC do?

Liquid Thermal Insulation

  • Reduces internal temperature
  • Reduces cooling costs
  • Reduces UV penetration
  • Eliminates metal expansion and contraction (Thermal shock) which often leads to joint fracture and leakage
  • Prolongs cooling equipment life
  • Incorporates corrosion (rust) inhibitors
  • Lower installation cost

ThermaGuard HRC is a elastomeric liquid radiant heat barrier which comprises of a new generation acrylic resin technology in combination with the highest performing functional additives, which are mixed with functional pigments and the latest technology in hollow glass microspheres. This together reduces thermal shock and waterproofs the roof, extending its useful life.

A simple application of ThermaGuard HRC will not only save you money by lowering your maintenance operating costs, it will also extend the life of your building and equipment. As ThermaGuard HRC will lower your internal temperatures, you will dramatically improve the comfort levels of those inside.

Tailored SolutionsMost importantly, it’s simple! There is no need to replace any of your existing cladding materials, ThermaGuard HRC is a liquid, waterproof, radiant heat barrier that is easily applied to existing roofs and walls to repel heat, virtually eliminating UV penetration as well as improving solar reflectance. This means that many rusted roof panels do not need to be replaced and no disruption to activity within the building is required.

ThermaGuard HRC also has very strong corrosion inhibitors (or rust converters) to prevent any further rusting after the application of ThermaGuard HRC. When Thermaguard HRC is applied, maintenance will be reduced to almost nil. Water run off after application is even potable. Furthermore ThermaGuard HRC has fungal treatments applied to help minimise fungal growth in tropical environments.

One of our clients reported that prior to application of ThermaGuard they were unable to work inside a plant warehouse on a day which was 25 degrees outside as inside it was 40 degrees. After application, the temperature inside the warehouse was in a much comfortable range of mid 20 degrees.

Surface degradation and fracturing in metal roofs is primarily due to thermal shock (expansion and contraction). Once ThermaGuard HRC is applied, thermal shock, rust and waterproofing problems are eliminated. This will result in a dramatic drop in temperature.

Liquid Thermal Insulation

Where can you get ThermaGuardHRC?

Hatlar Group Thailand is the exclusive distributor of ThermaGuard HRC in Thailand. Please contact our representative Mr. Barry Main, email: or cell +66 85 287 7985

Thermaguard HRC