Thailand to increase speed limit to 120kph


Thailand to increase speed limit to 120kph

Thailand will increase its speed limits on major roads to 120kph, Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob announced on Friday.

The speed limit increase applies to major highways with four or more lanes and will increase from its current limit of 90kph to 120kph.

The increased speed limit came following a study carried out by the Department of Highways, Department of Rural Roads, Department of Land Transport and Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning.

The new speed limit will assist with traffic flow while boosting convenience and safety for road users, the minister said.

The minister explained that the new speed limit will be applied to straight sections of roads, with four or more lanes where there are no intersections or u-turns. There must also be meridian barriers to divide traffic, Thai PBS reported.

In addition, the rightmost lane or ‘fast lane’ will also have a minimum speed limit of 100kph in order to reduce the risk of rear-ending collisions.

The new speed limit will apply to vehicles with less than seven seats but the speed limit for other vehicles will also increase, the minister said.

The new speed limits are as follows:

Vehicles with more than 15 seats: 90kph
Tow trucks: 65kph
Motorcycles: 80kph
Big bikes 400cc or above: 110kph
School buses: 80kph
Vehicles with more than 7 seats but less than 15: 100kph

The new speed limit should be effective by April, when it is expected to be published in the Royal Gazette.

Source: Thaivisa