Thailand property firms pick up on ‘green’ trend

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Thailand property firms pick up on ‘green’ trend

20 May 2019

Thailand’s property firms have also joined the global trend towards “smart and green architecture”.

For example,Sansiri Plc has also joined in by announcing its goal to be a “green” property firm by reducing CO2 emissions by up to 10 per cent by 2022.

“We are trying to find ways to reduce our construction waste to zero as soon as possible, because we have a responsibility to society to minimise building waste in the environment,” Sansiri Plc’s president, Srettha Thavisin, said in a recent interview with The Nation.

He said his company would move towards being a green property firm in 2019. The company is learning how to manage its construction process to reduce the volume of waste, and to reuse waste from his projects within other construction processes. In doing so, the company aims to move to “circular construction” under the “circular economy” trend, he says.

AP (Thailand) Plc has also announced its vision, AP World. It will focus on building a world featuring a good quality of life by drawing up a new blueprint for cities with an ideal ecosystem.

In a recent development, the company unveiled its “Project Grow” initiative, which features the philosophy behind its master plan for a sustainable good quality of life. That good life is to be achieved through a design that nurtures good physical and mental wellness, green area development, environment conservation and sharing maximum benefits with the surrounding society.

The company is piloting an initiative at Rhythm Ekkamai Estate to develop green urban areas by saving trees more than 50 years old on the site in order to ensure a quality of life for the urban community and society. Trees are a living history representing good memories and bonds with community members, the company’s chief corporate strategist Vittakarn Chandavimol said.

Property Perfect Plc is also making a shift. Chief executive officer Chainid Adhyanasakul has announced the company will this year bring to the market environmentally lessdestructive and more energyefficient residences in collaboration with its partners, Sekisui Chemical of Japan and PTT Plc.

“The trend now is to design residences that show concern for the environment, especially for residences to be far away from pollution as people are concerned about their health,” he said.