Thai property developer MQDC launches “The Aspen Tree” as part of Bangna’s The Forestias development

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Thai property developer MQDC launches “The Aspen Tree” as part of Bangna’s The Forestias development

MQDC launches “The Aspen Tree”, the country’s first and ASEAN’s finest healthy living community with holistic lifetime care

To meet all your lifestyle aspirations in a healthy living community with every support for sustainable well-being, MQDC, the leading Thai property developer, has launched The Aspen Tree, a community for resident with long-term plan to ensure healthy, fulfilling life ahead, complete with residences, facilities, and services. The project is Thailand’s first and Southeast Asia’s most comprehensive premium community for older adults.

MQDC is a long-established developer focused on high-quality projects that provide healthy, sustainable lifestyles under its guiding principle of “For All Well-Being”, to benefit not only its residents but all life on earth. The company operates the Thai property sector’s first research hub for well-being and sustainability – the Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) – and follows a philosophy of “sustainnovation” to find innovative ways to enhance quality of life and sustainability.

Thailand is now an “aging society”, with about 20% of Thais aged 60 or over and 28% set to be by 2031, according to government figures. MQDC aims to help face the challenges of this rapid demographic shift as families become smaller and more of older adults live alone. MQDC’s The Aspen Tree will raise quality of life as a residential community for elders who plan for long, fulfilling life, offering comfortable homes, specialist facilities, and comprehensive services. The Aspen Tree offers its residents rich, fulfilling lifestyles as part of The Forestias, a green neighborhood across 398 Rais at Bangna-Trad Road (Km 7). The Forestias is Thailand’s first prototype forested city project dedicated to well-being and sustainability. The inspiring development features office building, retail spaces, a medical complex, luxury hotels, and premium residences.

In keeping with the focus on the living of the elderly, The Aspen Tree has partnered with world-class partners Baycrest Global Solutions, a global leader in residential living, healthcare, research, innovation, and education, with a special focus on brain health and aging that has cared for older adults in Toronto, Canada for over 100 years experiences. Through this collaboration The Aspen Tree has developed residences, facilities, and services for its residents based on global research and expert analysis.This science- and evidence-based approach puts The Aspen Tree among the world’s finest and most comprehensive residential living project for older adults. The Aspen Tree also stands out as a residential complex for its Holistic Lifetime Care. The project offers full-spectrum support in design, services, and care for its residents to stay in the community they love even as their needs change. The Aspen Tree’s revolutionary support for older adults extends from physical and mental well-being to health care program, with guidance and planning advice, as well as personalized living solutions that best suit them at every stage. Older adults can enjoy life to the full in a community complete with care, activities, and matchless service, with support and specialized care whenever it might be needed.

Older adults today have different expectations and ways of living from previous generations. They prefer to design their own lifestyle and to use this time of freedom to fulfill their lifelong dreams, exploring new experiences and pursuing their enthusiasms.

Welcomed into this happy community of all ages, residents of The Aspen Tree will enjoy healthy living and lifetime care under the concept of “aging in place”. With every support to live happily, healthily, and independently in their own homes, they can rediscover themselves and pursue their interests amid relaxing natural environments, living out their golden years in the most fulfilling ways imaginable.