Thai debut for ALE newbies

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Three K1650L tower cranes deployed at 150-turbine Thepharak wind farm

Thai debut for ALE newbies

ALE has deployed three new tower cranes at Wind Energy Holding’s 150-turbine Thepharak wind farm project in Thailand.

The K1650L cranes provide increased lifting capabilities and can work during high wind speeds, ALE said.

The free-standing pedestal cranes have 70-metre booms, which allows for a shortened up-and-down boom movement compared with an equivalent lattice boom crane, the company said.

“This, together with the very short minimum boom radius, allows the developer to reduce the portion of land to be acquired and cleared, eventually reducing costs and environmental impact,” it added.

ALE regional engineering manager Danilo Viappiani said: “As ALE secures more complex scopes of balance of plant within the wind markets, we wanted to invest in the most suitable equipment for these operations.”


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