Tawandang German Brewery plans to open more branches

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Tawandang German Brewery has set a five-year plan to open two more microbreweries in Bang Khae and Srinakarin at the cost of Bt200 million each.

The company is also looking for opportunities to open microbrewery restaurants in Myanmar and China, which is part of its regional expansion plan.

Tawandang posted Bt600 million in total sales last year from its existing branches in Bangkok, on Rama III and Ram-Indra roads. Under the five-year plan, the company aims to increase its annual revenue to between Bt1.3 billion and Bt1.5 billion.

In addition to its existing branches in Thailand, the company has opened microbrewery restaurants in Singapore and Cambodia in joint ventures with local partners.

Chief executive officer Supote Teerawatanachai yesterday announced the investment of Bt200 million in the construction of its third Bangkok branch in Chaeng Watthana to cater to its new target market that includes higher-end, younger clientele as well as government and private-sector office workers and residents in the area.

After taking about seven months to construct the building, which occupies 5,000 square metres, the microbrewery restaurant will be officially opened on August 7, and will take about three years to break even. Designed with a “boutique industrial” concept, the hall accommodates 1,200 seats. The company expects Bt100 million in returns from the Chaeng Watthana branch by the end of the year.

“Initially I was looking to open the Chaeng Watthana branch three or four years ago, but we couldn’t find the right spot,” Supote said. “From our experiences with the first two branches, we need a space big enough to accommodate at least 1,000 customers and 350 cars, so we needed at least 7 rai, which is hard to come by in a location like that.

“We are very fortunate to have found this piece of land that is close to the government complex, offices and several housing developments, and that makes us confident that the expansion will attract clientele with purchasing power. However, this branch will not compete with the Rama III and Ram-Indra branches.”

He said the brewery business had seen gradual but significant growth every year, with more clients – including groups of friends and families – enjoying the restaurants in a fun evening out or in corporate parties.

Earning more popularity is the Ram-Indra Road branch thanks to its grand space that accommodates more than 2,000 customers at the same time, the ability to cater to all needs, and food and drink of excellent standards and great value for money, he said. It is only natural for the firm to venture on with the new branch in Chaeng Watthana next month, despite the troublesome economic situation.

“I want Tawandang German Brewery in Chaeng Watthana to be the community landmark, and a place of choice for the customers to welcome their special guests, Thai and foreign alike. We aim to offer fun, happiness and joy to all with the ample size of the establishment, professionally created performances and decent food that caters to the Thai palate.

“Beyond that we are adding an authentic Japanese sushi bar with imported, fresh ingredients from Japan, which we believe will be a hit among our customers,” Supote said.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/business/Tawandang-German-Brewery-plans-to-open-more-branch-30264909.html