Strabag wins contracts worth US$ 305 million

Construction News

Contractor Strabag has won a string of contracts for infrastructure projects in Oman, Thailand and Burnei – adding a total of € 230 million (US$ 305 million) to its order backlog.

The largest single contract was a € 92 million (US$ 122 million) project to construct a flood protection dam in Oman.

Meanwhile, in Thailand Strabag has been commissioned to produce and deliver 1.73 million concrete sleepers within five years for installation on three railway construction projects. The company said a sleeper factory will be built north of Bangkok within the coming year specifically for the € 88 million (US$ 117 million) project.

Finally, a € 23 million (US$ 31 million) contract was awarded by Japanese plant manufacturer Toyo Kanetsu KK for the construction of a new concrete outer tank for the interim storage of liquefied natural gas. This contract is scheduled for completion by 2015.

Strabag CEO Thomas Birtel said the international contracts were part of the company’s new strategy. “This year, we have already landed contracts from the Arabian Peninsula to Thailand. We are active outside of our European core markets when there is demand for our know-how as a technology company in the construction sector.”


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