Siemens constructing a new Service center in Rayong to serve SGT 800 turbine users

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Siemens constructing a new Service center in Rayong to serve SGT 800 turbine users

Siemens Power Generation Services are continuing to bring the service closer to their customers in Thailand with the establishment of a new Service Center. Planned to be fully operated early next year, the new Siemens service center located in Rayong province is now close to completion. The 1200 square meter facility will serve as a combined Repair Center and Warehouse providing Siemens gas turbine-, compressor-, and industrial steam turbine customers with full support for the maintenance activities and include inventory of tooling, instrumentation and spare parts to execute the maintenance activities for the great number of SGT-800s in Thailand.

Mr. Thorbjoern Fors, CEO of Siemens Power Generation Service, Distributed Generation and O&G, visited the construction site; “There are currently 72 units of the SGT-800 gas turbine in Thailand, which is one of the largest SGT-800 fleets in the world. To serve the great number of SGT-800s in Thailand we selected Rayong as our service center to show our commitment to our customers.”

“This is about showing our customers that we care by localizing more of our capabilities and bringing the service even closer to them; a world class service support that they can rely on.” added Mr. Fors

Siemens Power Generation Services offers comprehensive services for complete power plants, gas turbines, steam turbines, generators and compressors. These services utilize advanced plant diagnostics and systems engineering to improve efficiency, reduce emissions and maintain reliability. Siemens superior services ensure high-reliability and efficient performance .

The SGT-800 has been developed continuously during the last 20 years. The introductory rating of the first SGT-800s was 43 MW and throughout the years the power rating has increased to 57MW – through numerous up-ratings with an average output increase of 2MW and a related efficiency increase – where each step taken is based in the operational experience gained from previous generations and adding the latest technologies and materials.

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