Property developer Frasers Property (Thailand) joins hands with Singapore tech provider to pursue automation of factories and warehouses

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Property developer Frasers Property (Thailand) joins hands with Singapore tech provider to pursue automation of factories and warehouses

24 April 2019

Property developer Frasers Property (Thailand) has formed a 51-49 joint venture in a partnership with PBA Group, a Singapore-based technology provider of robotics and automation solutions across all industries.

“The introduction of  ‘Smart Solutions’ business, since 2018, aims to add value to our customers through the use of transformative technology and innovative solutions,” said Sopon Racharaksa, president of Frasers Property (Thailand) Co Ltd.

PBA Group has developed a full suite of robotics and automation solutions, such as specialised material handling, automated forklifts, automated guided vehicles, robots, and collaborative robots. They are widely used in various industries across Southeast Asia markets

Driven by technology transformation in the Industry 4.0 era, the industrial robotics industry in Thailand has expanded dramatically over the past decade, said Sopon. The size of Thailand’s shipments of industrial robots was predicted to increase by 133 per cent from 2,131 units in 2013 to 7,500 units in 2018.

The growth in market demand was prompted by a declining price in robots and automation, rising e-commerce demand, increasing modernisation of warehouses and the government’s initiatives to drive the use of robotics and automation, according to a Wednesday news release from FPT.

“This strategic tie-up aims to meet the increasing demand of industrial robotics and automation, building on the strength of both parties, leveraging on FPT’s market leadership in Thailand and PBA Group technology-driven solutions,” said Sopon.

Derrick Yap, CEO of PBA Group, said, “As a leading robotics and automation enabler in Southeast Asia, PBA Group is positioned as a technology partner who helps businesses in the Industry 4.0 economy.”

PBA Group’s core capabilities include the development of a full suite of solutions in factory and warehouse automation, he added.

Sopon said, “We believe that Thailand has the potential to continue to be a high-growth market for the next decade. For many industries, robotics and automation are no longer an option, but a necessity for players to remain competitive. There is an important opportunity to develop local capabilities to serve the growing demand for automation systems in Thailand.

“FPT will combine knowledge of our strategic partner and design capabilities in industrial property to create unique offerings to our customers. We believe that real estate services are no longer confined to providing the building facilities, but also to create valuable experiences and comprehensive solutions for customers. This partnership represents the beginning of a new chapter for robotics and automation solutions in factories and warehouses,” said Sopon.