Planning Underway for Phuket’s Soi Dog’s newly planned Dog Hospital – Consider donating today!

Construction News

Soi Dog’s newly planned Dog Hospital will be one of the largest and most modern dog hospitals in Thailand! Our current Hopsital is tiny and badly injured and sick dogs have to be kept in small cages, often stacked on top of each other. As soon as these dogs are out of danger they have to be moved to the existing C block, where they share a kennel with several other dogs. These kennels can get very hot in the dry season and very damp in the rainy season. None of these conditions are suitable for sick and injured dogs. SDF generally has around 100 dogs under treatment at any one time.

The Hanako hospital (like the recently completed cat hospital) would provide ideal conditions for the dogs and decrease recovery time. It will include separate units for puppies and an isolation unit for dogs with communicable diseases, reducing the potential for spreading of diseases like distemper and canine parvo virus which are still common here. The additional space will also allow for much needed x-ray facilities which is not possible in the current hospital. The existing C block would be converted to allow a separate sterilization theatre and more room for dogs post operation.

Of course we need funds to build our dream hospital! If you would like to help make “Hanako’s Hospital” a reality, your donation will go towards the construction of our new hospital & the ongoing treatment/running costs. The amount needed to build Hanako’s Hospital (construction only) will be approximately US$130,000. Consider donating today at


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