New resort mall in Chiang Mai set for completion in end of 2012

Construction News

ECC International Real Estate, a Dutch resort mall developer and resort mall management company, is developing the new Promenada Resort Mall Chiang Mai, set for completion in late 2012.

The term “resort” reflects the purpose of the mall: a place to be entertained and a haven of separation from work and stress. Covered walkways connect the main areas, and guests can enjoy their outdoor dining in conjunction with the air-conditioned comfort of international-class retailers, coffee shops and further options for a high-quality, convenient choice of food.

ECC’s CEO, Tjeert Kwant, explains, “The outside area is beautifully sculpted, and one of the key design principles was to combine the feeling of a high-class shopping experience with the sense of being surrounded by nature, by greenery and by open space. We offer shoppers a totally unique way of combining their retail excursion with a feeling of natural escape, of being enveloped by the outdoors, and a way of enjoying the peace of the outdoor space.”

“We have combined proven indoor and outdoor shopping, entertainment and leisure elements into Promenada and have integrated with nature both indoors and outdoors. It’s very important to us that the local culture and natural aesthetic are respected”, said Kwant.

“Also, Promenada will be ‘Green’ in many ways. Our customers will find all the products and services they expect and much more in a most relaxing atmosphere. Families from Chiang Mai, Lamphun and Lampang will visit for shopping and spend their leisure time at Promenada. Not only will our resort mall attract customers from this wide region, the time spent by the visitors at the mall will considerably increase as a result of this concept and the variety of activities on offer. This is a key value for our tenants, and it will enable them to optimise their performance.”

From its seat in the midst of several rapidly-growing residential and business areas, Promenada will upon completion in the end of 2012 be ready to serve the spending power demands of some 11,000 mid-to-high-class households in the Chiang Mai area. The mall is located on the main road between the Super Highway and the 2nd Ring Road, approximately 20 minutes from downtown and has a gross building area of 91,951 sqauer metres covered over three floors including basement parking.

The project’s development and investment cost is approximately THB2.9 billion (US$94.6 million).


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