New ferry route Chon Buri – Songkhla, new speedboat Chumphon- Koh Samui

PHOTO: Seahorse Ferry from Chon Buri to Songkhla and Marine Passion from Chumphon to Koh Samui are launching. (via Seahorse Ferry)

New ferry route Chon Buri – Songkhla, new speedboat Chumphon- Koh Samui

Several new ferry services are launching to connect Thailand, with a long-haul route from Chon Buri (east Thailand) to Songkhla (south Thailand) and a new boat service launching from Chumphon to the islands of Ko Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao. The new routes will be run by Seahorse Ferries Company for the cross country route, and Marine Passion through the islands.


The Chon Buri to Songkhla ferry officially launches tomorrow, though their website does not show any service bookable yet. They had planned on launching the service earlier but have been delayed due to the lack of travel from the Covid-19 pandemic. The boat will travel between Chuk Samet Pier in Sattahip district in Chon Buri – with a 2 pm departure scheduled – and Songkhla Port in the south, arriving about 10 am.

The large ferry travelling the overnight route from the eastern province to the Deep South province will cover about 611 kilometres (330 nautical miles) about half the 1,130 kilometres to drive between the two provinces. The journey will take 20 hours while driving takes at least 23 hours.

The journey will be made on a triple-decker bought from Japan named the Blue Dolphin that was purchased by Seashore Ferries for 200 million baht. The large boat can hold up to 80 commercial trucks and 20 cars, along with 586 passengers max. There are a variety of guest rooms on board as well as a restaurant, lobby and even an entertainment zone.

The Marine department commented that this long-distance ferry is hoped to revive tourism and enable domestic travel across the country in more comfort. Pricing was not available in press releases or on their website.


Meanwhile, in the Gulf islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao, a new company called Marine Passion has launched a new route from the main pier in Chumphon to Koh Tao’s Mae Head pier, with continued service to Koh Phangan and then Koh Samui. The Chumphon – Koh Tao route has launched already, with the full service scheduled to begin on December 1.

The company is running large speedboats, from 42 to 55 feet running on 4 engines, that can accommodate up to 40 passengers per boat for the inter-island journey. The trip will run twice a day with the first ferry leaving Chumphon at 8 am, stopping at Koh Tao at 9:15 am, Koh Phangan’s Thongsala Pier at 10:15 am, and the smaller Phu Yai Non Pier in Plai Lam in the north of Koh Samui at 10:50 am.

The afternoon ferry route departs Chumphon at 1 pm and arrives at Samui following similar timing. A morning boat running in reverse from Samui to Chumphon will leave at 8 am stopping in Phangan at 8:20 am, Tao at 9:15 am and Chumphone at 10:45 am. A second boat will leave Samui at 11:30 am with similar timing.

Tickets to/from Chumphon start at 750 with a 650 baht introductory price, 1,100 baht (1,000 intro price) to Phangan, and 1,450 baht (1,100 intro price) to Samui. Between Samui and Phangan the price is 350 (250 intro price), Samui to Koh Tao is 700 baht (600 intro price) and Phangan to Tao is 600 baht (450 intro price). Bookings can be made by calling 082-554-797 or messaging on LINE at @marinepassion

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