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Pattaya Property and Thailand’s Real Estate Book is on sale now

As is the case with most of the property markets in Asia, the Thai real estate market emerged practically unscathed from the recession in the Western World and, over the past two years, has gone from strength to strength.
After Bangkok, which has been a popular market for corporate investors for several years now, the busiest market in the country is Pattaya, which is also the country’s top tourist destination, on track to receive a record-breaking 8 million visitors during 2012.
The property market in the city is currently very buoyant as it is attracting investors from all over the world.  In addition to European buyers, of which German and British buyers are the most active, prices are constantly being pushed upwards by a large number of Russian buyers, with the Chinese also starting to have a significant impact upon the market, with much more activity forecasted as investors look outside China due to their domestic market showing few signs of additional growth.

Currently prices for property in Pattaya start from a very affordable £20,000 although, with most developments increasing prices on a quarterly basis, it is unlikely they will remain at such low levels for much longer as demand continues to increase from investors who are attracted by double-digit yields and holiday home buyers looking for a permanent or semi-permanent home in the vibrant city.
Many potential buyers of Pattaya property are put off as a result of their believing that it is only possible to buy Thai property through a minority shareholding in a Thai company or on a 30-year leasehold basis.  This information is actually incorrect, however, as the law was changed in 2008 to allow foreigners to own up to 49% of the apartments in a particular condo.
It is to correct such inaccuracies as this and to simplify what appears at initial glance to be a complicated buying process that international property analyst and author, Nick Pendrell, has release the book, Pattaya Property and Thailand’s Real Estate.  The book is written in a light and easy-to-read style and is divided into two parts.  The first part ‘holds the reader’s hand’ throughout the entire purchasing process, starting with the initial decision making process right through until buyers receive their Title Deeds.  Part Two of the book examines more than forty of the most popular developments on sale in Pattaya currently, giving all of the vital facts and figures about each of them together with their advantages and disadvantages for different buyers depending upon their individual needs.
Pattaya Property and Thailand’s Real Estate is on sale now priced at £9.99 for the paperback version, or £4.99 for the enhanced ebook version which contains pictures of all of the developments covered in the book together with a map of the region and is available from Amazon UK and all good bookstores.


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