New Bangkok bus terminal set for Bang Sue area

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Photo courtesy of Bangkok Post

New Bangkok bus terminal set for Bang Sue area

The Transport Ministry is working on a project to construct a new Bangkok Bus Terminal in the Bang Sue vicinity, close to the Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal.

This decision came to light during a House debate over the 2024 fiscal budget, where Transport Minister Suriya Juangroongruangkit addressed concerns raised by Suphanat Minchaiynunt, the Move Forward Party MP for the Chatuchak, Bang Khen and Lak Si regions, in relation to the dilapidated state of the Bangkok Bus Terminal (Chatuchak), also known as Mo Chit 2, on December 27.

Mo Chit 2, which has been operating as a temporary terminal following the closure of the original Mo Chit bus terminal, has been criticised for its poor service and connectivity issues. Alongside the development of the new terminal, there are also plans to refurbish Mo Chit 2 and enhance its service delivery.

Suriya detailed the vision for the new Bangkok Bus Terminal, emphasising its user-friendly design. The terminal will be constructed with the aim of offering passengers affordable convenience and efficiency. It will incorporate features such as tunnels and covered walkways for seamless connection with buses, trains, and electric rail services. The design also includes a shared gate to optimise the terminal space.

Drawing inspiration from Japan’s Hakata and Tokyo stations, the new Bangkok Bus Terminal will be a mixed-use space, complete with commercial rental spaces and office spaces as a means of generating additional revenue.

In a bid to reduce traffic congestion and pollution, the terminal will not house a bus depot. Instead, buses will operate according to their service schedules, arriving and departing in a timely manner. The Transport Ministry has directed the Transport Company Ltd to develop service provisions similar to those at airports, promoting the efficient use of terminal gates, reported Bangkok Post.

The project, which is estimated to cost around 7 billion baht from an initial budget, is expected to be completed within a four-year timeframe. Given that the terminal will be a high-rise development, less land will be needed for its construction. However, the exact amount of space required for the new terminal is yet to be determined, as negotiations with the landowner are still ongoing, according to a source from the Transport Ministry.