Mass exodus from Bangkok after closure of construction sites for 30 days

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Mass exodus from Bangkok after closure of construction sites for 30 days

Thai media was full of stories about the mass exodus from Bangkok to beat the authorities after they closed construction camps in the Thai capital.

Channel 7 said it was so busy on the roads and at bus stations that it was like a standard long Thai holiday.

Like Songkran, when the Thai government’s plan to allow people to travel home for the holidays.

The media cited several popular sites that were sharing stories about workers at construction camps beating the order not to leave the camps on Saturday.

Many on sites like Mor Panda and E-Saw Kayee Khao 2 featured workers hurriedly packing up their belongings onto the back of pick-ups and heading off.

Netizens and sites suggested this was going to be disastrous for the spread of Covid.

News sites featured videos of main arteries heading out of Bangkok jammed with traffic. Many of the vehicles were heavily laden pick-ups with workers clubbing together resources to beat the 30 day no-movement ban.

Channel 7 said that reports suggested there were large numbers of people at inter-provincial bus stations heading back to the provinces.

It appears that many anticipated and preempted the ban on travel and took off before the authorities surrounded the camps.

A very Thai version of “fleeing the scene” notes Thaivisa. But a potential for the spread of Covid-19 that continues to be at its worst in the Thai capital especially in clusters at crowded worker camps.

Source: Thaivisa