Latest Thai-Lao friendship bridge study finished in December

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Latest Thai-Lao friendship bridge study finished in December

14 August 2018 10:01

Studies on the economic viability, structural engineering and environmental impact of the sixth Thai-Lao friendship bridge will be completed in December, says the chief of the Highway Department.

Thanin Somboon, the department’s director-general, said the Cabinet has approved a Bt4.3-billion budget to build the bridge linking the neighbouring countries.

The 25.8 [?] kilometre-long bridge would link Na Tai district in Ubon Ratchathani across the Mekong River to Muang Lakhonpheng in Salavan province of Laos.

When studies are completed, the two governments will sign a memorandum of understanding on funding sources and land expropriations for the project, Thanin said.

The final details will be approved by the Cabinet in about January next year, he added.

He said Thailand would shoulder Bt2.4 billion of the cost of construction, with the rest paid by Laos.


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