Jolywood commissions 121 kW rooftop project in in Trang province, Thailand

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solar rooftop project in Thailand

Jolywood commissions 121 kW rooftop project in in Trang province, Thailand

N-type cell and module provider Jolywood and EPC Gold Stone have partnered on a 121kw industrial rooftop in Trang province, Thailand. And the project has been commissioned recently.

The partnership used Jolywood JW-HD144N-460Wp modules which based on the latest JOTOPCon 2.0 technology, combine the advantages of high efficiency, high power, no LID and LeTID risk, low temperature coefficient.

Installed in Thailand industrial rooftop, the region has abundant resources of sunshine, and 1200-1400kW average annual sunshine radiation. Thailand government provide favourable policy support solar market especially rooftop and distribute power station, energy installed capacity target has been increased from 6GW to 17GW by 2036. In next decade, Thailand will be one of the most important markets for rooftop projects globally, and still offers huge pipeline.

Jolywood has committed to N-type TOPCon technology for many years, and developed the most advanced technology in the world. With self-developed J-TOPCon technology, empirical data shows that, Jolywood n-type cell professes to offer an 24.5% mass production in efficiency and a 3% increase of income in power generation compared to P PERC cell.

The successful commission represents Jolywood’s rich experiences on rooftop projects, and Jolywood will deliver more high-quality modules, and contribute to the development of renewable energy in Thailand and the whole South-East-Asia region.