Is this the end of the excellent AEC News Today – Thank you, goodbye, good luck

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Is this the end of the excellent AEC News Today – Thank you, goodbye, good luck
26 July 2020

Since its establishment in July 2015 AEC News Today has consistently broken news. In June, 2020 we attracted more than 730,000 unique visitors, some 786,462 total visits from people (not bots) looking at more than 2.1 million pages. Our Alexa ranking hit an all time high of 76,181.

Our goal of becoming the eyes, ears, and voice of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) has been achieved. More than 80 per cent of our readers come from within Asean.

Our mobile app with emergency messaging alert and text to speech is one of the best news apps available, while our daily morning news roundups provides a historical record of the daily news for each country in the region, and the region itself.

However, continued difficulty in obtaining skilled local staff, the almost impossible task of getting Cambodian government spokespeople to answer their phone, emails, or instant messages, let alone respond to questions, together with the bureaucratic challenges for small businesses enterprises such as ours in dealing with certain Cambodian government departments — Cambodia doesn’t rank 144 out of 190 countries for ease of doing business for no reason (this Facebook post gives a brief insight into business processes in Cambodia), have seen the publishers of AEC News Today decide not to seek the renewal of their publishing licence when it expires on July 26 and to cease all business activities in Cambodia .

The AEC News Today website will continue to receive basic maintenance so that our stories remain accessible.

Thank you to our millions of readers over the past five years for your support and trust, along our dedicated staff Sreypov Men, Justhine De Guzman Uy, and Mark Henry Uy, and in particular Stella-maris Ewudolu, without who none of this would have been possible.

The coming months are going be extremely challenging for the citizens of many countries. In March we forecast the grim period ahead. Our predictions have largely become fact.

We wish all of our readers well, and urge you to prepare for the period ahead.

John Le Fevre
Managing editor / Thailand & GMS editor



Editor: Thailand Construction News received and used the excellent daily regional news update emails which we will really miss. Sad news during difficult times.