Horticulture consultant files lawsuit against MGM Ho Tram Project

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Siam Orchids Thailand Company Limited announced that it will commence legal action for breach of contract against the MGM Ho Tram Casino Project in Vung Tau, Vietnam.

The horticulture consultant/project manager claims bad faith and 24 months of unpaid invoices.

A spokesman for Siam Orchids said: “It is with great regret that we have to take this step. We supported the Harbinger Capital/MGM Ho Tram project based on the promises made by the development team management for two years. Siam Orchids was proud to work alongside professional firms such as MGM, Steelman Partners and Meinhardt Vietnam on the development of the MGM Ho Tram Resort.

“We have tried to resolve these issues in a professional manner but the MGM Ho Tram management’s recent attempt to intimidate and silence potential witnesses has caused us to realize that legal action is the only way to proceed.”

Source: http://www.macaubusiness.com/news/horticulture-consultant-files-lawsuit-against-mgm-ho-tram-project/7696/

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