Honeywell To Help Thailand's First Ultra-supercritical Power Plant Output And Reducing

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Bangkok announced a new 660,000 kilowatts of supercritical power plant will use Experion? Process Knowledge System (PKS) for the control run. The plant is located in Rayong Matta House (MaptaPhut, Rayong), Thailand’s electricity supply company organized by the Glow Group subsidiary GHECO-One independent power producers to operate.

The power plant plans into operation in 2011, will manage most of Thailand Thailand’s national transmission network Home Appliances Power companies are supplying. The new plant will GHECO raise power generation capacity in Thailand, 50%.

Supercritical power plant based on Environmental protection Concept design will reduce fuel consumption and maximize power generation. Supercritical power generation more efficient than standard boilers, because by starting the pressure control valve and running water wall, rather than the traditional gas water level control packages. Because of its high temperature High pressure Environment, the greater need for reliable control system to respond to false tripping caused by the boiler safety accidents or equipment damage. Doosan Heavy Industries choose Honeywell as the prime contractor for the project, its senior manager CIChoi spoke: “For customers, to ensure reliability of electricity supply and improve power generation efficiency is GHECO-One of the core objectives, so our customers trust is essential. We chose Experion the implementation of the project because it is reliable control platform, has been widely used worldwide, and hundreds of plant safety, reliability and efficiency has a good reputation and record. “

Experion is Honeywell’s process manufacturing industries for the flagship of control and automation platform.

By integrating it, such as process control, asset management and security system and other subsystems to enhance overall plant safety, reliability and efficiency. Through system integration, Experion can at the right time to the most relevant information to the right use of personnel and help in the control room operators to better decision making. GHECO-One operator will use the Experion is used to control Mata boiler plant operators and the government balance the whole plant.

Additionally, Experion can be reduced by optimizing the ability to help control the cost of raw materials to achieve GHECO-One with the minimum Energy Consumption for power generation targets. Honeywell Korea, local business leaders H. Han said: “Enhancing the effectiveness of the system demand is one of the largest factories of today, because it can greatly affect the overall level of commercial operation’s bottom line. Less raw materials and more high-capacity plant to bring profits to the road, such as the Experion system to help achieve this goal is the solution. “

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