High-level delegation tackles Pattaya’s Koh Larn Island’s waste crisis

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High-level delegation tackles Pattaya’s Koh Larn Island’s waste crisis

Mongkolchai Somdudorn, Dep. Sec-Gen.of the Prime Minister’s office and Assoc. Prof. Thannaphon Sriyakul led a delegation to assess waste management and tourism development on Koh Larn Island.

Pattaya, Thailand – A high-level governmental delegation visited Koh Larn Island on Sept 24 to assess waste management, tourism development, and flood control strategies. The objective was to boost economic growth in the tourism sector and demonstrate the local government’s commitment to addressing challenges.

The delegation, led by Deputy Secretary-General of the Office of the Prime Minister, Mongkolchai Somdudorn, and Assoc. Prof. Thannaphon Sriyakul, examined waste management strategies on the island, where over 70,000 tons of waste have accumulated in areas like Khao Nom Hill and Samae Beach. They also explored development plans for the Tha Rai area, including the construction of public roads. One proposed initiative is the creation of a cargo transport pier to support future growth.

Mongkolchai stressed the importance of addressing the waste issue and emphasized the need for cooperation between residents and tourists to achieve sustainable waste management, as Pattaya City has already taken measures to handle the daily production of 25 tons of waste through methods like burial and incineration.

Source: https://www.pattayamail.com/news/high-level-delegation-tackles-koh-larn-islands-waste-crisis-441707