Four water projects in Thailand approved with Baht 99.6 billion budget

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Bhumibol Dam in Tak Province, Thailand

Four water projects in Thailand approved with Baht 99.6 billion budget

The Subcommittee for Large and Important Projects has approved a budget of Bt99.65 billion for four water management projects after a meeting on Friday, Deputy Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Thammanat Prompao, who is also chairman of the subcommittee, said.

He added that the subcommittee would propose the plan to the National Water Board on September 12 for approval.

One of the four projects – to develop and improve water capacity under the Provincial Waterworks Authority – will cost Bt11.02 billion.

The second project is the construction of the Khlong Phraya Ratchamontri drainage tunnel from Khlong Phasi Charoen to Khlong Sanam Chai. The big project in Bangkok is estimated to cost Bt6.13 billion, with construction expected to take almost four years. Half of the money will come from the government budget while the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is expected to meet the remaining expenses. This project, which will drain water from Phasricharoen, Bang Khun Thian and Bang Bon in western Bangkok, will see a return on investment at an average Bt1.4 billion a year, Thammanat said.

The third project, worth Bt71 billion, will increase the water capacity in Bhumibol Dam by 1,795.5 million cubic meters. Construction is to commence in 2020 and will take nine years.

The fourth is a Bt11.5-billion flood-relief project in the lower Phetchaburi River Basin. The project, which starts in 2021, will be completed in 2025. It will manage flood waters in Petchaburi province, helping 41,875 families and 12,310 agriculture plants, Thammanat said.