Falling concrete slab kills worker on Bangkok’s Rama 2 highway, One worker was killed and four cars damaged

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Falling concrete slab kills worker on Bangkok’s Rama 2 highway, One worker was killed and four cars damaged

Large concrete segment fall on Bangkok’s Rama 2 highway construction,

This large concrete segment fell on Rama 2 highway from the under-construction expressway overhead on Sunday afternoon. One worker was killed and four cars damaged. (Photo: Expressway Authority of Thailand)

A construction worker was killed and four cars damaged when a slab of precast concrete fell from the under-construction Rama 3-Dao Khanong-Western Bangkok Outer Ringroad expressway on Sunday afternoon.

According to an Expressway Authority of Thailand (Exat) statement, that part of the expressway is being built by CTB Joint Venture, comprising China Harbour Engineering Co Ltd, Tipakorn Co Ltd and Buriram Thongchai Construction Co Ltd.

The bars holding a lifting frame snapped, causing a section of precast concrete to fall down onto Rama 2 highway, the statement said.

Exat initially reported the falling slab damaged four cars and obstructed traffic on both sides of the highway. It said the contractor was contacting the damaged parties about compensation.

However, media reports said one construction worker was also crushed, and killed, with no other details.

Dashboard cam footage from a car in the out-bound side of Rama 2 highway, near Homepro Rama 2 in Bangkok’s Bang Khun Thian district, showed a large concrete slab falling about 4.30pm onto the road island, crushing a worker and damaging four cars.

The driver, Puriwat Peng-ampai, 38, said he heard a noise above him and then a huge concrete slab tilted and fell down.

Another motorist, Sumeth Khirimek, 40, said he had to swerve violently to avoid being hit by the falling concrete. His vehicle suffered a cracked front windshield and a punctured tyre.

The construction of the expressway over Rama 2 highway has been associated with several previous accidents.

On the night of July 31, 2022, a five-tonne, 10-metre-long concrete beam fell off a U-turn bridge and plunged onto a car, also damaging a pickup truck, killing two people and injuring five others.

The bridge is in front of Vibharam Hospital in Samut Sakhon’s Muang district.

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