Electricians to require certification under new Thai law

Construction News

The Department of Skill Development (DSD) will raise awareness for the 2014 Skill Development Promotion Act for building electricians, before the law is enforced on October 26th.

The DSD and the Thai Electrical & Mechanical Contractors Association (TEMCA) will co-host a seminar about the law from August 19th – 21st in Pattaya city, primarily for electricians working at industrial estates on the East Coast.

According to the 2014 Skill Development Promotion Act, the profession of building electrician can jeopardize the public if not performed by qualified individuals. Therefore, electricians must be certified by the DSD prior to employment. Failure to obtain certification before working as an electrician can result in legal penalties under the Act.

More than a thousand electricians have already been certified by the DSD. They were required to take several tests as part of the process. It is believed that there will be 40,000 qualified building electricians by the end of September.