Doncaster firm helping to power thousands of homes in Thailand

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Donasonic's plant in Hatyai, Thailand.
Donasonic’s plant in Hatyai, Thailand.

Ambition is clearly always important in business – and Doncaster-based Donasonic have it in abundance.

The firm specialises in making machinery that can transform household waste into energy before selling it to companies all over the globe.

And with fossil fuel reserves such as oil, gas and coal ever diminishing, companies like Donasonic are becoming increasingly vital to the future of the world’s energy production.

The need for environmentally friendly energy production worldwide informs Donasonic’s global ambitions.

Since forming in 2011, the company has grown year on year and now has more than 50 waste processing machines in operation across the world.

The firm designs and makes the equipment at their headquarters in Wheatley Hills, before shipping it overseas to power plants and energy producing factories.

Staff working on Donasonic machinery at a plant in Thailand.
Staff working on Donasonic machinery at a plant in Thailand.

Hatfield-born Craig Hudson, head of international sales and project management, said the firm was formed by a group of people who had a background in waste production and electronics and wanted to a create a company “with a goal of being market leaders in quality and value for money.”

The 32-year-old added: “Our machines take mixed waste and automatically separate out valuable waste streams such as metals, plastics, etc which can be recycled and the remaining waste can be used to create power.”

Mr Hudson said their typical customers range from “local councils wanting to create power from waste to farmers who needed to treat animal carcasses, scrap yards wanting to separate/process metals and investment companies who wanted to build power plants.”

But their biggest market is in Thailand, where Donasonic has been tasked by private companies in the country to come up with better ways of processing millions of tonnes of waste.

Installation of the Thunderstorm at the plant in Hatyai, Thailand.
Installation of the Thunderstorm at the plant in Hatyai, Thailand.

The firm has recently signed a $5m deal to design a plant to process all of Bangkok’s waste. Donasonic’s plant will be able to process 250 tonnes of waste per day when it becomes fully operational later this year. The site will recycle the waste and use it to produce power to thousands of homes and businesses across the country.

It will also help to create 95 new jobs.

Mr Hudson said: “This project is so significant that if you turn a light on in Bangkok that’s Donasonic generating the power from waste. This plant will generate power for 400,000 homes.”