Deputy Minister of Finance hastens ‘Phuket International Conference Centre’ to be ready for construction auction in 2010

Construction News

Mr. Man Pattanothai, Deputy Minister of Finance, who looks after the Treasury Department said that there was a need to hasten the Phuket International Conference Centre construction, worth 1.6 billion baht (previous reports said 2.6 billion baht). The Finance Minister, Korn Jatikawanich, had reiterated to the department to follow up on this since it takes a lot of money in the construction. Consequently, every sector had to be careful but had to sign the construction contract by this year. He said that if the contract could not be signed within this year, there would NOT be a budget for the construction.

Korn said that the investment in the center construction was good for Thailand’s economy, as the conference centre would bring more income to the country because there would be foreigners using it as their host location for meetings or other activities in Phuket in the future. The government had assigned King Mongkut Institute of Technology Lardkrabang to work on the design and hopefully, there could be a contract auction this year.

(for more details of project & public hearing in August see :


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